What Do People Have to Say About CrossFit Symmetry?

What do you like about the classes at CrossFit Symmetry?

  • “The smaller class sizes and coaching.”
  • “I like the mix of weightlifting and, even though I’m no good, the cardio. Some days have more stuff I like. Some days do not. But that’s the way it should be. Size wise, I think they are about right. Some days they can be big and I think that makes it hard for coaches to really see everyone and “coach.” But most of the time, those big classes are those cardio days where the coach is just keeping everyone on schedule and moving.”
  • “I almost always end up having fun even though most classes are very challenging for me.”
  • “The class size is nice for the new crossfitter so they can get more 1 on 1 attention.”
  • “I like that theworkoutt is always different. The coaches are great and very positive. They are always willing to help you. They do a good job making personal connections to all of the people in the class.”
  • “I like the group aspect.”
  • “The competition and pushing yourself to be better.”
  • “Getting to workout with my friends and husband, of course! I also love how every workout is different every day. Lately, I’ve gained a new appreciation for just how accommodating the coaches are and how they will help you find a way to modify exercises so that you can still do the work out even if you are injured or carrying a baby in your belly.”
  • “No part of the workout goes too long – even the most difficult segments are for manageable lengths of time so that I don’t want to give up. I also like that we keep moving and there’s no standing around or waiting.”
  • “I like that it is broken down I to 3 parts. Feel like I worked when I leave and time well spent.”
  • “Individual instruction when needed and the community is the best!”
  • ” I feel the coaches know me and are very helpful as I learn. The other athletes are also very supportive. Really good group of people.”
  • “The variety of workouts and improvements I see in myself.”

What are your reasons for staying a Symmetry Athlete?

  • “Location is important to me. Makes me go and makes it easy. But if I didn’t like the people I wouldn’t stay. I’ve said it before but Symmetry is now part of my social group and people who I consider friends. It’s how I like to spend my time and with people I enjoy spending time.”
  • “Fell in love with CF in general and I stay at Symmetry because of the community.”
  • “Chris and Erica are amazing. Very supportive,knowlegable, and friendly. I like the programming its a lot of fun while still improving.”
  • “The two reasons I stay is because it is extremely challenging and the people.”
  • “The people for sure. The members and coaches are amazing. I have made some great friends and feel so much more confident in my physical ability. I never thought I could do Crossfit and now I have no idea why I thought that.”
  • “Community, relationships and great workouts.”
  • “I love the people here and being part of the community. Other members have become friends and these friends are now like my second family and the gym, my second home. I love the positive environment and getting to see myself as well as other symmetry athletes reach their fitness goals. Even if the gym lost all its equipment, stereo, electricity, etc. and was nothing but four empty walls, I’d still show up every single day bc I love the Symmetry community that much.”
  • “I love the supportive community and the range of different exercises.”
  • “Variety of class times, great coaches and community altogether.”
  • “Continued improvements & workout variety (definitively not Chris’s playlist).”
  • “Community! I enjoy seeing people excel and being able to take he same journey with the group.”
  • “I love how I am feeling. I love the new skills I have learned. Definitely worth the money and the time.”


What were your first impressions of CrossFit Symmetry?

  • “Owners are amazing and the members are very accepting.”
  • “The people didn’t look like meat heads. They looked healthy and were friendly. I didn’t feel like I was being judged.”
  • “First impressions, walking through the door, scared to death but within the first 5 minutes, I was greeted by several people, everyone was so helpful and friendly that it put a lot of my worries at ease.”
  • “My first thoughts were “Wow! Everyone is so nice here!” The coaches were very professional and they didn’t yell at you if you made a mistake or did a lift wrong. I remember telling Coach Barry about how I was frustrated with my snatch form and how he smiled and said “Don’t worry, we will help you get your form better”. It wasn’t so much what he said that left an impression, but rather the fact that for months after he and the other coaches would remember my desire to get my lift better and would take time after classes to show me drills to perfect my form, that really left a positive impression. When the coaches at Crossfit Symmetry tell you that they want to help you reach your fitness goals, they genuinely mean it and the proof is in their actions.”
  • “Everyone was so friendly!”
  • “The members. They are all extremely inviting.”
  • “Clean, organized, and welcoming”
  • “Good, friendly people. Coaches who want to help you be successful whatever your experience or background.”
  • “Great people, great coaches. All have been very friendly and encouraging.”